Hi !Welcome to Hilollipop.com

Hey ! I am Soma, an English Literature Graduate and currently living in Kolkata, India.

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By Profession

I am a banker by profession and works in a reputed Indian Bank.

My Interest

As a student of Literature, I have a love for good quality writings. And more importantly I love to read as well as write about different perspectives of our Life.

Why the name Hi!Lollipop?

Many of my family members and friends ask me about the name of the blog-Why Hi!Lollipop and not anything else? Well, we all have memories of licking lollipop in our childhood. The tangerine taste of lollipop is no less than a heavenly flavor. Lollipop is symbolic here to the simple life we enjoyed in our childhood. The pleasure we could get from a simple thing like a lollipop in our younger days. As we grew up we got so many things but we lost our childhood pleasure.

What is the blog about?

In today’s world, we all are busy, whether we like it or not. We don’t have time for your family and friends, even for yourself. This blog is an attempt on my part to restore the self love for ourselves and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

What will I find in Hi!Lollipop?

Plenty of stuff! Ranging from new ideas about simple life style changes to different organizing tips and health benefits of foods. In short, a whole range to make your Life more enjoyable and soothing.

Let’s make something together.