Organizing Make Up/Skin Care

Admit it Ladies! There are times we randomly buy cosmetics, later to find out that it is not suited for our skin, then kept in shelf for days untouched, waiting to throw away after its expiry. Well, at least, I, myself is guilty of doing that. So the most important thing to do foremost, while organizing our make up/skin care is to purge out what is not used now. Purge out- While organizing my make up/skin care arsenal, I do a quick scan of each of my beauty products. First, I separate those that I don't use for at least 6 months. If I don't use it for the last 6 months, I won't use it any more. Then I look…

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Organizing Your Wardrobe

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In order to embrace new ideas, we sometimes need  to purge out some old ideas. The same applies for your wardrobe. In order to get in some new clothes, we need to rearrange our wardrobe and purges out some items we don’t use now. Very often, we tend to buy tops or t-shirts just for their looks, or maybe it is in trend or just because some of our famous celebs promoted it. Or simply that we get them at a discount. It is a general rule that we use 20%  of our clothes for 80% of the times (the 20/80 rule), so much so that our 80 % of clothes remain unused or we use it once a while. So…

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