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Kale Pesto with Paneer Wrap

When it comes to Pesto, Pasta is a common item, we generally do with it. But today I thought of doing something else with my Kale Pesto. And that is making a Wrap out of it. Let’s make Kale Pesto with Paneer wrap. In case, you are unaware of my Kale Pesto recipe, go check it out before. So, moving on with the wrap, today I used a store-bought item here, and that is Tortilla wrap, which I got online. This wrap is ready to use warp. But just put the wrap on a Tawa or flattened pan to warm up a little, before using it.


  • Tortilla Wrap:: 2 pieces;
  • Kale Pesto::2 big scoop;
  • Paneer/cottage cheese::100 gms;
  • Red and Yellow bell papers:: 1/2 cup each;
  • Lettuse::1 cup;
  • Corn starch::2tbsp;
  • Vegetable Oil: 4 tsp;
  • Salt and Peppers::as per taste;


  • First, cut the red and yellow bell papers into thin strips and paneer into thin rectangular pieces. For the Paneer slices, coat them with corn starch and salt and pepper (1/2 tbsp each).
  • On a heated pan, saute the bell papers and the paneer slices separately. Add salt and pepper as per taste. Then on the same pan add 2 big scoops of Kale Pesto and stir it with some water. You can also add some salt and pepper over here, to enhance the flavors. Then coat the fried Paneer slices with a thin coating of kale pesto and keep them aside.
  • Now for the final assembly, on a tortilla add the lettuce, panner slices dip in kale pesto, and the bell peppers, and wrap them all up.

So your Kale pesto with Paneer wrap is ready to enjoy straight away. It is a great lunch box idea and also can fulfill your stomach at any time of the day when you are urging for some heavy yet healthy meal. Do make it and write in the comment section below about your experience with it.

Also check out my You tube video for the recipe.