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Stove-Top Granola

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and perhaps the most important meal of the day. But to start up and get going, especially in cold winter mornings can be pretty daunting sometimes. So eating less or skipping Breakfast seems to be a better option to catch up with time.

But skipping breakfast is something you will never think of if your Breakfast is already prepared beforehand. Come on! you could manage at least five minutes or so, to whip together a healthy and nourishing breakfast, which you will love to eat.

Today, I will give you a Granola recipe, which you could, in less time, you could prepare at your Stove-top at the weekend and enjoy all throughout the busy weekdays. So here’s the recipe.


  • Rolled oats::2 Cups;
  • Puffed Rice:: 2 Cups;
  • Cashew::1/2 Cup;
  • Almonds::1/2 Cup;
  • Chia Seed::1/4 Cup;
  • Sunflower seeds::1/4 Cup;
  • Raisins::1/2 Cups;
  • Jaggery::1/2 Cup;
  • Coconut flakes::1/4 Cup;
  • Olive Oil:1/2 Cup;
  • Salt::1/2 tsp;
  • Cinnamon Power::1/2 tsp;


1.Mixing the Liquid Ingredients::In a saucepan, let the Olive Oil warm for a minute. Add the Jaggery and let it melts. Then add a splash of water, so that the Jaggery do not burn. Then add the salt and cinnamon powder and mix all together. Put off the flame, when you notice the liquid turn into a slightly thick consistency.

2.Mixing the Dry Ingredients with the Liquid:: Put a frying pan and add the rolled Oats and puffed Rice. Stir continuously so that it does not burn. When the rolled Oats and puffed Rice turn a bit golden, add the liquid and stir. After 2-3 minutes, add the nuts. Stir continuously, until the liquid is soaked up and the Oats and puffed rice turn crispy. At this stage, put off the flame and let the Granola gets cooled completely.

3. After cooling, add the raisins, chia seeds and the coconut flakes.

4.Store in an airtight container and enjoy with a cup of Greek yogurt or plain yogurt or warm milk of your choice.

So now a busy day does not mean that you have to skip this nourishing and tasty bowl of goodness. Enjoy!

M A K E Y O U R O W N G R A N O LA!!

Stove Top Granola

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