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Green & Red Granola & Yogurt Bowls

For the Green Bowl, just cut a kiwi into small semi-circular chunks. Now in a bowl, add the homemade granola as much you desire. Add the yogurt to a side and decorate the kiwi to your liking. And enjoy a delicious and colorful Breakfast to kick start a wonderful day.

Green Bowl::

Red Bowl::

For the Red Bowl, I just cut some strawberries and then followed the same drill as in the Green Bowl. In addition, I just add some mint leaves, fresh from my balcony garden to add more color to the Bowl.

You might be wondering what’s new in this blog. I just added some fruits and yogurt with the Granola. Yes! it’s just it. But my intention here is to tempt you to have these Bowls of goodness the first thing in the morning. Remembered, as they say, “you should eat like a King in your Breakfast.” Enjoy!!

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My Red and Green Granola Bowls